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Medical Services : Endoscopic Surgery
Me & Mummy Hospital & IVF Centre offer this minimal Invasive Surgical Technique by trained gynaecological endoscopic surgeons.
Treatment of infertility - Many causes of difficulties in conceiving are treatment laparoscopical e.g. surgery on blocked tubes, polycystic ovaries etc.
Removal of fibroids
Removal of ovarian cysts
Removal of endometriosis
Surgery for tubal pregnancy
New alternative to tradltional surgery:
Most operations in Gynecology can now be performed by Endoscopic Surgery which is also known as "Keyhole Surgery" or "Minimally Invasive Surgery".
Advantages :
As surgery is done through tiny holes there are many advantages to the patients

1 Pain is minimum
2 Hospital stay is minimum (1-2 days)
3 Return to work is faster
4. Scar on the body is very small
5. Postoperative adhesions reduced

Hysteroscopic Resectoscope

Gynaecological conditions in which endoscopy is very useful
1Infertility Diagnosis
2Endometriosis and Chocolate cysts
3Ectopic Pregnancy
4Fibroid uterus
5Polycystic Ovaries
6Hysterectomy (LAVH)
8Ovarian Cyst, Dermoid cyst
9Pelvic Adhesions
10Septum in uterus
11Tubal Block
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