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Medical Services : Treatment Options
Gynaecological Oncology
  Infertility :
We provide treatment for disorders related to male and female infertility. There is a multispeciality approach involving the gynaecologist, endocrinologist and urologists and all disorders are managed short of IVF.
  Gynaecological Oncology :
Treatment of genital cancers like those of the uterus,, cervix and ovaries is done by trained by Gynaecological oncosurgeons and medical oncologists for optimal care during surgery and subsequent follow up.
  Hysteroscopy :
This is another endoscopic procedure by which the patient can be investigated and treated for
Bleeding problems
Repeated miscarriages
Uterine abnormalities e.g. septa in the uterus
This procedures is done as a day-care procedure and the patients goes home the same day.
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