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What are thalassemia major and minor?

  • Thalassemia is a genetic disease of defect in haemoglobin chains. There are two types of haemoglobin chains – Alpha and beta
  • We should be majorly concerned about beta thalassemia. If defect in the beta chain is minor, that results in thalassemia minor, which is compatible with life.
  • If defect is major, then the thalassemia major is not compatible with life, without monthly blood transfusions.

Is thalassemia major is preventable?

  • Yes. 100 percent preventable. If we know that couple is thalassemia minor, then we can do prenatal tests and know developing fetus status.

Name the test to detect thalassemia.

  • Hb electrophoresis

What are the steps to prevent thalassemia major in baby?


If both parents are thalassemia minor, then what are the chances of a minor child?

Percentages of fetus to have

  • 25% – thalassemia MAJOR
  • 50% – thalassemia MINOR.
  • 25% – with normal haemoglobin LEVEL

In short, there are 75% chances that, the fetus can live a normal life (includes both normal haemoglobin chains plus thalassemia minor haemoglobin chains)